Mr Miki in Okinawa

February 2006, this is the first time I met Mr Miki in the office of auditor of Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper. While his collegue Mr Tottoribe introduced me Mr Miki (in those days, he was vice president of Ryukyu Shimpo), he said “Mr Miki is the person who knows very well about culture more than everybody in our company”. But then who could imagine if Mr Miki will be concerned with New Caledonia so strongly.
In the summer 2006, Mr Miki came New Caledonia for the first time, to report my exhibition in Tjibaou Culturel Centre. At the same time, he also started to interview Okinawan descendants in this island. One day I companied him to interview an Okinawan descendant in north of NC, when he spoke a phrase which his Okinawan father repeated at home, Mr Miki explained me it was the old dialect of Okinawa. At this point, I realized how I did’nt know about “Okinawa” but also I was so interested in the starange divergence of time which left from mother country.
Mr Miki founded Association Okinawa Nouvelle-Calédonie in 2007. On 5th June 2010, the Association organized a charity concert with the collaboration of local musicians and dansers to support 100 Okinawan descendants in NC to participate in Worldwide Uchinanchu festival in 2011.
I asked once Mr Miki, “Why are you so passionate about New Caledonia ?”. His answer was “I was learning about the history of coal mine in Iri-Omote island for long time. I may say that because Caledonian emigrants were miner not farmer”. I’d like to follow his activities and tell here very soon.