Mabui-no-Ourai, a book about the Emigrants to N-C

My book, Mabui-no-Ourai about the Emigrants from Okinawa to New Caledonia, published last August and featured in four Japanese newspapers.

This book tells of the life of an Okinawan who emigrated to New Caledonia in 1905. I pieced it together from oral stories by his families in New Caledonia and Japan, a few books and articles I found on the emigrants, and a New Caledonian wife’s letters in French I uncovered in Okinawa.

While I was writing the text for the book, as a photographic artist I carefully selected the images most suited for the text and then arranged them together on the pages. This reassured me that a photograph is usually more eloquent than text. For me, a person working in three countries and three languages, the image is the universal communication tool with which to cross the language barrier.

I’m pleased to say that the French edition is already in preparation. In that I will add some background on Okinawa for the New Caledonian readers who are not familiar with the Japanese sub-tropical islands.

This is not a difficult, hard-to-understand academic book. I hope you enjoy it and learn the hidden history of the emigrants to New Caledonia.