Exhibition [Domani] at Tokyo 2012

I will participate in a group exhibition [Domani] at The National Art Center, Tokyo (Roppongi). It is organised by Bunka-cho (Culture section of Japanese Gouvernement) from 14th January to 12th February 2012.
I will present the works about the history of Japanese emigrants in New Caledonia. For example, photo works are the portrait of Nisei (Japanese descendant), the landscape in New Caledonia and Tatura Camp (Australia). And also a short film, etc…
With rimacona, I will have a lecture & concert on 27th January from 18:00 at the exhibition space. Ex-internees will be there. Please come and join us ! (in japanese)
The main image of the poster of Domani is Nina, I met her in 2004 in New Caledonia.