AMES ERRANTES, new book about Nippo-Kanak

I published a new book in french “AMES ERRANTES” (2012, Madrépores, New Caledonia) . It is translated from japanese version “Mabui no Ourai” (2009, Jimbun shoin, Kyoto) and also added some new texts. WIth Mr Gilbert Bladinières, editor of Madrépores, we transformed the contents for New Caledonian reader. Mr Ismet Kurtovich, historian, former director of Archives of Nouvelle-Caledonie wrote a preface kindly for this book.
For the cover, I put the image of “Inkan” (signet) from the record of the pay of Le Nickel Society in 1906, included Denzo Higa’s one.
I hope many people read this book to discover the world of Nippo-Kanak in north of New Caledonia before WWII.
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